VIP-10: What would you like to see on Voltage DEX next?

The Volt team is planning the next round of developments and community feedback is vital to help Volt DEX grow & develop in line with community needs.

:ballot_box: What would you like to see on Voltage Finance next?

  • Liquid staking (for Fuse tokens): Fuse token liquid staking, maximize utility to Fuse tokens which can be used for different porpoises while still earning the D-pos yield.
    Voltage Finance had build a contract similar to xVolt where sFuse grow in value in relation to Fuse tokens because of the consensus yield
  • Voltage going multichain: Deploying in any other chain. Offering Voltage suite of product in different chains (Bnb, Metis, Celo etc)
  • Protocol own liquidity via bonding: Similar to chicken bonds, This will change the renting liquidity model to the protocol finally owning the liquidity
  • Voltage launchpad: will give more utility to the Volt token while also helping the Fuse network ecosystem grow
  • Other: If you have another idea in mind please comment below
  • Liquid staking (for Fuse tokens)
  • Voltage launchpad
  • Voltage going multichain
  • Protocol own liquidity via bonding
  • Other (comment below)

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oneFuse staking option

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Dex aggregation and yield aggregation

  • there are now a few dex’s on FUSE which Voltage could work with (Fluxswap and Koil)
  • Yield aggregation could work with Beefy Finance and FluxSwap as well as anywhere else offering yield

Cross chain yield aggregation - we could find yields on other chains, and build adapter mechanisms to access them from FUSE and tokenize them on fuse. This could let the small players who cannot afford the cross-chain fees to access yields on other chains and build liquidity on FUSE. I’m also interested in building this so feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

Fully decentralized VOLT governance with on-chain execution with Volt would be amazing. This is different from the current system as the current system relies on a multisig to control VOLT. If votes were binding and could not be veto-ed by the multisig, i believe the value of VOLT would go up as the benefit of voting would increase. Unfortunately this “benefit” may be in favor of malicious actors, so we should have proper discussion about it.

Concentrated Dex Liquidity like in Uniswap V3. It would be amazing to be able to pick your price range for providing dex liquidity. I believe this could be built on top of current swap. Note that currently the license of uniswap V3 disallows forking and redeploying the code.

Audits - audits may be able to give the assurance needed to drive large amounts of liquidity into Voltage. They should be considered (for which code, idk :person_shrugging:)

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