Discussions about $VOLT and its token economics design

Discuss on ways to improve $VOLT tokenomics as well as ways to add utility to it.

suggestion # 1 - copy tokenomics of BIFI in beefy.finance,

  1. make the farms autocompounding
  2. volt would be buybacked from small taxes in farms and exchanges

suggestion #2 - take the concept of drip

  1. volts can be bonded but not withdrawn and people get a percentage of the bonded volts perday an example would be 1.5% everyday that they can claim or recompound

suggestion #3 - take the concept of elephant money

  1. to add usecase for fUSD people get to use it to mint a token called fUSDx where 95% of fUSD used will be the value of fUSDx and the 5% will be used to buyback volt token and burned forever
  2. the fUSDx then can be bonded for a high apr return in stable coin 200%+ just like in elephant but the bonded fUSDx cant be withdrawn and instead give back 0.5% of the bonded fUSDx per day to users if users decides to withdraw a percentage of x% will be left for the treasury to give incentives to other stakers. or they can stake the fUSDx where they can withdraw anytime but for a lower apr of 60% or less.

suggestion #4 - ohm type but with changes

  1. you can stake volt token to earn a receipt where it would be autocompounded by the protocol
  2. the receipt token voltx can be staked in any farm in volt.finance but would only get half the apy/apy of the farm eg the farm gives out 1000 apy normally but 500 apy if voltx token is used.
  3. to avoid people from abusing voltx and going to new farms that have apy everytime a new farm comes out the voltx token would have a lockup time of a week or month the longer they lockup the higher apy they can get 1 week is the minimum where they only get 50% of the apy and will gradually increase to 80% of apy if they lockup in a year
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