Suggestion for a new new voltage finance farms index fund

Suggestion for voltage finance. Not anyone may know what to farm so i suggest creating a general crypto farm that evenly puts all incoming funds into each crypto fund so users may be able to keep steady returns without extra guesswork or headaches while maintaining support of all cryptos.

My idea extends to all the farms in voltage finance so instead of just one or two of them i am evenly diversified in any active farms by buying the LP tokens or invest in just one. and from there the fund managers handle it from there. Once a farm is not active it is evened into other active ones.05:59 PMSo technically i can put in FUSD tokens and or FUSE.

Returns overtime i believe will stay steadily above most crypto farms and that is mainly due to diversification when evened out. Some crypto farms may have low returns overtime as history shows it can decrease overtime and as new LP farm pairs come new overtime those may also start with a high APR which can go low overtime which can help keep the farm index fund apr high overtime. This i think will make it worthwhile for farm investors overtime and eliminate guesswork on which LP farms to invest in.

This is needed for a few reasons if not mentioned above:
-Support all crypto pairs fairly and equally and evenly
-diversification for crypto farm investors which can provide steadier return protection
-Less guess work which can make it more worth it for users/investors

APR can be determined either by averaging the apr of all the farms combined or other factors. Additionally they can eliminate some guess work of calculating the APR by updating the APR for the grouped farm weekly rather than daily. Could even be done automatically maybe with the help of an excel sheet or something.

I feel this is needed to make it easy for all and to invite more first time crypto farmers. And this can help drive attention to voltage finance while providing a trusted way in making this possible so users do not fall for similar concepts that end up being scams.


If i am understanding this correctly, you are suggesting a contract that will distribute a token like $fuse or $fusd across a variety of LPs that will be added to to the voltage farms for you, and earn a steady apr based on the average of all farms. interesting idea. I would support this.

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Correct! Thank you supportivewolf for being supportive!

Interesting idea.
Do you know some projects that have implemented this idea? If so, i would like to see their docs and read more about it.

It has been implemented in the traditional stock market financial institutions and even elon musk has pledged shares in tesla to fund the purchase of Twitter. If i could be able to borrow against deposited LP tokens that are earning money from farms i can be able to basically borrow for anything. And there are some leveraged farms too i think somewhere online i forgot where.

Yeah, but iā€™m curious if you know a lending protocol which allows users to use their LP tokens as collateral. There is leveraged farms like Alpaca, Tarot, Impermax etc.

Happy to learn this is in the plans. Maybe i had influenced it but this is necessary in order to keep longer term interest in yield farming while providing stable yields over a far longer period. Thanks supportivewolf for being supporting and for others as well in the challenge to obtain stable yields.