VIP-3: Ampere partnership

We would like to exchange tokens for farming rewards on each respective protocol.

To promote yield farming, raise awareness and support the communities of each project.

We will trade the Voltage team 500 CURRENT for 7m VOLT (Approximate equal value when written) for the purpose of rewarding xVOLT stakers in CURRENT, and to reward Ampere users with VOLT as staking rewards.

Polling Period
The polling process begins now and will end at 14:00 UTC on 3/5/2022 (Tuesday, May 3rd).

  • Yes, i support this idea
  • No, i don’t support this idea

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Is this going ahead? Do we need a snapshot vote?

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Could Ampere prove first why their AmpOracle variable is 0x0 even if it’s programmed to be used for AMP valuation ?
We don’t need to partner with a project which is supposed to be built on a price oracle but hasn’t configured it.

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