VIP-5: Fuse rewards allocation

Currently Voltage is giving more than 230k Fuse tokens per month as reward. This is a lot of tokens that can be better used. Also this incurs in a big selling pressure in the Fuse token which is not beneficial to our community.


In order to mitigate this sell pressure and save the fuse tokens for a better use, i propose the following rewards structure.

New rewards allocation:
Volt - Fuse Now: 25.000 Fuse. Suggestion: 12.000

Volt - Fusd Now: 25.000 Fuse. Suggestion: 10.000

WBTC - WETH Now: 25.000 Fuse. Suggestion: 8.000

fUSD - BNB Now: 25.000 Fuse. Suggestion: 8.000

WFuse - Busd Now: 25.000 Fuse. Suggestion: 6.000

WFuse - WETH Now: 25.000 Fuse. Suggestion: 8.000

WFuse - fUSD Now: 25.000 Fuse. Suggestion: 10.000

Stable farm Now: 55.000 Fuse. Suggestion: 15.000

Total fuse per month: 77k instead of 230k

Voting period
The voting process begins now and will end in on Monday, July 20 2022 at 2PM UTC.
Snapshot will only count Volt, xVolt and xVolt stakers only to vote in this proposal.

  • I support this proposal
  • I don’t support this proposal

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Update: the polling period has been extended for 2 more days, and will be up until July 20, 12PM UTC. This is to ensure as many people as possible take part in this proposal, comment and/or vote.

Only 23 voters… that the real problem i think! Are you really sure you want down the fuse rewards? I will be the first to run away from farm and put fund somewhere else more profitable. The question is: " How excalty do you think that down the farm rewards will help fuse to grow and attract more user?" Have think about the side effect of have much less liquidity and more spread on coin swap? Till fuse will not have more use case to make FUSE attractive, if you destroy the farm, are you really sure will be a good move for user?
Why not add a vesting period for withdraw fuse instead of down the rewards? Honestly i do not sell any fuse, i add to staking. So IF you are scared about selling pressure i propose a vesting period for withdraw ( like 10% or 200/500 fuse max a day for user).

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Interesting that after this post the voter are become 31 and all new have voted NO! Where is other? Possible that nobody else are interested in Fuse Farm?
My other propose is this one. If you really want down the farm rewards for selling pressure, so the 153k that remain could be burned. So this will reduce the circulation supply and will be good for user and not only for the team. what think about this?

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I don’t support the proposal. In this way you will make many investors go searching something else more profitable. This will not be a good move. I support a vesting period like Phoenix has said.

Please bear in mind this is an initial poll, not the snapshot vote. The snapshot vote will be the one that’s taken as the final one.
Regarding Fuse rewards; we believe removing Fuse rewards is beneficial for the ecosystem. It is not custom to give out a chain’s native token as rewards, unless a liquidity mining program (or a similar program) is active. We are working on utility and features which will soon be implemented in Voltage, and we see those as incentives for users to use the platform. A vesting schedule will not be added.

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Yeah, it’s very interesting to see the number of voters suddenly grew by 100% in a span of a couple of hours.
Thanks for the suggestion, but those are subject for another proposal.

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I agree with reducing the Fuse rewards, Voltage has to stand on it’s Volt token, not Fuse.

Has the snapshot happened?

Yes it has, and the community has voted in favor of the rewards being lowered.