Change volt rewards to xvolt rewards

implement same idea as dquick on quickswap rewards.

hopefully this’ll promote staking the volt rewards by default.

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Can you please give a more complete description of what you are referring to, for those of us that are not familiar with the project you are referencing. IMO ideas that are presented here need to be well explained in detail, as many ppl are just going to read what is posted here with out doing any further research. a proposal that is backed up with facts and figures is a proposal that can be openly discussed and possibly passed.

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I agree with SupportiveWolf.
When posting a proposal, please follow guidelines. There’s a template we urge everyone to stick to.

well there’s no category in this forum for what i’m asking. it’s actually an improvement to the farm smart contracts.

it ain’t something that needs to be a detailed proposal with figures, percentages, charts, etc and then be voted on snapshot.

@SupportiveWolf i read on telegram you like learning new stuff. you should know what quickswap is by now :smile:. it’s just another uniswap. main dex for polygon until uni was deployed there. in simple terms, quick = volt & dquick = xvolt.

the idea here’s that farm rewards xvolt to users instead of volt. so users get a reward that’s auto compounding without the need to manually stake the volt.

users get an auto compounding reward.
voltage increases the volt staked.

Perfect ser. I very much appreciate :smiley: the humor. I definitely know what quickswap is, Was my dex of choice in my Polygon Days, (before someone showed me the magic that is Fuse/Voltage) but i was gone from that scene before they started with dQuick. Interesting idea, but:

I don’t code, but i believe that would require new contracts, not just improving or changing the old,
What was the trigger that caused Quickswap to start with dQuick?
Is Quick still be minted by any of their farms/contracts?
Don’t get me wrong I like this idea, and would support it, but ppl would need to have the option to sell their rewards, if they wanted to. Xvolt is currently minted when you deposit in the volt single stake contract, then burned (sent to dead wallet?) when withdrawn. If farms minted xvolt what would be the mechanism to turn your xvolt into volt if you wanted to take profits from you farming?
Are there any LP of xvolt?
Am i misunderstanding?
I like the idea, just a bit more complicated than one might think (i think :thinking:)

The idea is nice, but i’m not sure we will go for the dQuick model (stake Quick/dQuick LP and earn dQuick; in this case that would be staking Volt/xVolt LP on top of which a user would earn more xVolt).
The reasons are simple.
We will soon introduce a new, different staking model for Volt. The other reason is our xVolt pool rewards stakers with Fuse rewards (earned via Voltage validator).

@SupportiveWolf @Elvis.Voltage yeah i should’ve explained more in depth the idea since this’s getting long and confusing.

forget dquick, i just mentioned it as an example that an autocompunding token can be rewarded. and there’s no quick/dquick LP, dquick contract’s exactly the same as xvolt with enter & leave contract calls.

implementation’s extremely simple if you think of xvolt as just a wrapper of volt with benefits :smile:

now farms reward volt. you can manually stake the reward after and get the xvolt. the idea’s that claim could do this for you by default encouraging volt staking. then users wanting to use/sell volt would need to make the extra step of unstaking first. so the extra step’s on the selling side & you make it easier for the staking side.

anyway lets see what the new staking model’s all about.

Yes there is, there is a Quick/dQuick pool, under Farms->LP mining.
But yeah, dQuick is to Quick what xVolt is to Volt, i agree with that.

So basically, an autocompounder for the Volt staking pools?