Stake volt to generate Gooddollar

Proposal to create a second XVOLT Stake option to generate GoodDollar as rewards, in this case the option to receive Wfuse as a reward would be eliminated. we would only receive Gooddollar as a reward and so people will buy and bet volt to generate their favorite token Gooddoollar could also add other options such as being able to block the XVOLT for a certain time I hope your comments to improve this idea


I support this proposal.:+1::+1::+1:
Being one of the biggest ecosystem in fuse Blockchain it will be cool.

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I could try to automate in my validator node the swap of FUSE rewards in G$ but with the relatively low liquidity on FUSE-G$ pair it could create too big price impact.
But it seems anyone can create their own reward program with whichever token they are ready to give, so it could be a partnership between Volt and GoodDollar.
What I don’t understand yet is why Volt would reward in G$ or why GoodDollar would reward to stake Volt.

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I don’t think it will affect yesterday 37639 people claimed more than 3 million Gooddollar and there was no sale price :thinking:GoodDollar

i like this idea, but i have some questions.

  • Can you provide some more stats on this?

    • average Daily
    • average weekly
    • average monthly
  • would there be a time limit on this arangement?

  • where would the G$ be coming from that would be provided for staking xVolt?

  • can you explain this with a bit more detail?
  • and this as well?

I like this idea if it means there would be a second xVolt staking option, giving volt some more utility. How does GoodDollar benefit from this proposal?
Looking forward to hearing back from you. :wink:


Greetings. I think this proposal is excellent. I usually use my Gooddollar to Stake on the Voltage Finance platform, this with the intention of obtaining a certain percentage of profit and then changing it back to G$.
With this approach, it would allow me to directly obtain the Staking profits in G$.


Currently people who stake xvolt on the farm generate wfuse, those wfuse are supposed to come from x volt commissions, the proposal itself is to create an option to stake xvolt to receive $G instead of wfuse, in that case i guess the $G will be bought with the wfuse which in turn are commissions from the volt dex

here you can review in detail the number of users who claim every day, weeks and months as well as the amount of gooddollar that is distributed :point_right:GoodDollar

if the idea is to have a second stake option. And how would GoodDollar benefit? I believe that the benefit would be mutual since there would be more volt holders, in turn the gooddollar community would have more voting power and participation in the dex volt and in this way we would win gooddollar which I think we all like to have more gooddollar

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about the benefit i think it will be mutual i think if volt rewards those who bet volt and win gooddollar that would make more people in the gooddollar community interested in participating in volt and therefore the volt community will be interested also in gooddollar seeing that if you bet your volts you will win GoodDollar. In addition, soon in gooddollar it will be possible to bet to generate more $G as well as its governance token.

What would be best is to stake G$ and earn extra G$, like a savings account.

This has already been proposed in the G$ forum, but using a different method.

If Voltage becomes the place to stake G$ then that ties voltage and GD together as partners, giving G$ holders more utility and raising the profile of voltage to all the g$ claimers.

I don’t see any benefit in selling wfuse rewards to buy g$ off the market to give as rewards. Users could do that anyway.


welcome to the forum @Andyrafael1 :wink:

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I personally don’t support the idea of a Fuse selloff in exchange for a token with probably infinite emissions.

Just want to point out one thing; Fuse rewards don’t come from xVolt or Volt emissions. Part of the Fuse being distributed as rewards is the one accrued during the ecosystem round, and the other part of Fuse rewards comes from the Voltage validators.

Good idea :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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