Multilaguage UI

Starting from the premise that FUSE Network and Voltage Finance, through Volt App, have the main objective of bringing the massive use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the whole world, mainly to those who are unbanked, I am personally convinced that the latter group of people, the unbanked, can coincide with low-income people, in many cases with limited education, who perhaps did not have the opportunity to learn a second language such as English, because of this I think it would be excellent if Volt App UI, and perhaps also the Voltage Finance web interface, were multilanguage, so that these people feel more accessible to be able to access the benefits of our project.

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Indonesian

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I’ve voted Spanish and Hindi

  • Spanish because many countries in Latin america could use good open financial infrastructure (and I am learning spanish)
  • India is a large nation with a high percentage of unbanked individuals, and Hindi is the official language of the country. Though india has many, many languages I think Hindi is the best way to gain usership in India

I would love to hear other’s thoughts on which languages to work on


Indonesia has 275 million inhabitants (2021)
India has 1.41 billion inhabitants (2021)
Pakistan has 232 million inhabitants (2021)
Bangladesh has 170 million inhabitants (2021)
Latin America (Spanish and Portuguese) has 660 million inhabitants (2021)
All these regions together add up to 2.75 billion inhabitants, a third of the entire world population, and have a high density of unbanked population. In addition, they do not have a rejection of cryptocurrencies like Europe, China and the USA. I consider that the translation work of the Volt App and DEX UIs is negligible compared to the benefits that can be obtained.

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@pablorosatti this is a great idea.
To my knowledge, much of crypto seems to be geared towards English speaking people.

  • Are you capable of helping with this task? if not can you recommend someone?
  • Would this extend to documentation and articles?
    Let’s work towards getting this done sooner than later.

I agree with this idea and proposal 150% .
It seems to me, that the benefits of directly supporting countries that are non English speaking, by far out-weigh any economic cost to accomplish this.

If we were to extend this to African countries, which would be best to pursue?
as i understand it, much of the African continent is ‘under-banked’

@SupportiveWolf I have already communicated to the Voltage and FUSE teams, I have made the proposal to translate absolutely everything, including adding subtitles to the AMA videos, etc. Of course I am willing to receive help, from whoever wants to collaborate.

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Hi Voltage Fam,

This is a great idea!
The team is looking at different options so we can offer the Dapp in different languages.


I would also like the Romanian language


welcome @astancioi :wave:t3: