Voltage PRO mode - full defi capabilities for all tokens on Fuse Network

Voltage is currently a consumer facing defi app which has a strict token/project listing policy and accountability to the team.

This is great for consumers, Volt App users and newbies who just want to swap a few tokens and do some simple DeFi activities.

However, it stops dynamic DeFi development on Fuse as projects can’t easily get their tokens listed or gain access to Voltage functions.

What is needed is a Voltage Pro Mode which opens the Voltage app to all tokens on Fuse network and allows the full range of DeFi functions to be accessible. Pro Mode will come with no Voltage team accountability and only for use “at the users own risk”

This solution will meet the needs of new/advanced/complex/experimental defi protocols who want to build on Fuse, but currently can’t as they can’t offer their users DeFi capabilities.


I think that’s a very good idea. It could Help many smaller crypto projects in fuse ecosystem.


Hello there Fuseprime!

Your recommendation has been taken into account, and we plan to deliver it this year. See the roadmap:

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