Chat, Storage/Backup/Filesharing and Market Info

At first, crypto wallets only allowed to store coins from a single blockchain, then they added more blockchains, then gradually added other functions, such as swap, fiat on-ramp, NFT support, Multiple accounts, Address book, etc… It occurred to me that it would be a good idea if Volt App had the web3 chat function integrated, in fact there are already several projects based on blockchain, It can be “Wallet Chat”, because it has recently partnered with FUSE, but it could be another project or even be created from scratch or forked from some open source project. In the future Volt App could integrate more functions, such as web3 storage/backup (btfs, filecoin, ipfs, storj, etc), a basic tab with the cryptocurrency market (partnership with CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko).
None of these features are high priority like security, fiat on/off-ramp, etc, but I think they would give Volt App an edge over other web3 Wallets.
Just take 5 seconds and imagine Volt App with chat functionality, the ability to send, receive or store files of all types and sizes, and also be able to check the crypto market and our preferred tokens.

What functionalities would you like to see in Volt App?

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  • Chat (w/ audio/video)
  • Storage, Backup, Filesharing
  • Crypto Market Info
  • NFT Marketplace

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