New Business model for Voltage - Omikron Distributed Financial Ecosystem

We propose the integration and exclusive listing of Omikron’s unique projects and tokens/coins as a part of the overall integration of Voltage Finance into the Omikron Ecosystem.


  • Win-win scenario for both Voltage Finance holders and Omikron to offer today a unique Treasury Vault Token that can attract crypto treasuries from many chains without an alternative in the crypto space.
  • Long-term viability of the Volt token as the dedicated Omikron DeFi token for the Real Economy and a limited selection of worthy crypto projects.
  • Volt will become a real world-real economy utility token with actual value, exchangeable in the dedicated Omikron stablecoin

Omikron ( is a distributed financial ecosystem focusing on the real economy, offering a different economic and sustainable development paradigm for both developing and developed economies.

We are in the process of launching our Ecosystem with a hybrid stablecoin and a series of utility tokens that will be focusing on the Real Economy instead of crypto speculation and will be merging the web3, industry 5.0 tech with the Real Economy.
Omikron has the following ready-to-onboard transactions in terms of payments, lending, and other types of services:

  • up to $55M per month in precious metals
  • up to $30M per month in other metals
  • Lending and other capabilities that will be integrated into the New Voltage Finance

Benefits for Voltage Finance Holders:

  • Becoming part of a rapidly and globally scalable ecosystem
  • Differentiation of VF through the addition of unique products and services that no other DEX has access to
  • becoming available to non-crypto depositors and investors
  • becoming fully distributed as part of the Omikron Architecture and the new DAO it is currently developing.

We look forward to your comments, feedback and questions

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I’m personally against this proposal. Mainly because Voltage is on its way to full decentralization, and this proposal doesn’t line up with that narrative.

Also, Omikron suffering from a lack of transparency is a major red flag. No socials, nothing to rely on.


You could ask about things you do not know instead of assuming the worst. We are on Linkedin and we do have a legal entity, so no red flags there.
I cannot say the same about VF, which has 18 holder addresses with no signs of a “way to decentralization”.
The basis of our proposal has been that we like Fuse and its approach because it focuses on reality and the real world, as we have been doing since 2017 when we started our Ecosystem.
But If you worry about red flags, I believe that you should be concerned that in the books of the crypto space, VF is an Ola Finance $4M hack that erased a very promising $3.4M VC investment.
Our proposal is a way for VF to grow in the real world - today.

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No need to go full Rambo on me, sir. :slight_smile:
I have just pointed out some things not just i have seen.
Had you posted some socials or anything, my opinion would differ. Apologies if it insulted you, definitely wasn’t the intention.

Alright, i wouldn’t say everyone shares that opinion. If you ask the community, you’ll see there’s not much sympathy for Ola, in regard to the exploit.

Ok, i’m curious and want to learn more.
Can you tell us a bit more about the offer, in what way it would help VF grow in the real world etc.?


Good morning Elvis,
My reply was intended to put everything on the table so we could have a transparent conversation based on reality. I was not insulted, I just wanted to do this as I would present a merger case to a potential partner and its board.

What is the objective of the proposal?
Omikron (the name is in the process of changing) will use VF as the integrated marketplace for all its members (SMEs, Households, Self-Employed, Researchers, physical investors, depositors, local authorities, and national authorities).
It will list all tokenized assets created by our Ecosystem in a distributed manner (thus still remain a DEX). We have a proprietary process and architecture that allows us to maintain a fully distributed ecosystem with minimum centralization of assets and infra.
Today, we have a unique product that can actually disrupt the Web3 space and the crypto market: Treasury Vault Tokens. They are based on our proprietary architecture and real value assets that can be liquidated immediately, but without the risk of malicious mechanisms exploiting weaknesses in the smart contract code. Also, they are immune to the crypto space or real commodity market domino effect, as they are not speculative in nature.
The economy and the ecosystem architecture we have designed are based on our capability to rely on our own capability to execute the first set of real-world transactions (~$80M per month in Y1) without relying on the public or third parties that we would otherwise have had to convince.
So what it is in for VF?

  • Actual utility of the VOLT (fees, value-added from projects, new DAO etc)
  • Distribution across geographies and every member of the Ecosystem
  • Immediate inflow of funds from the entire crypto market with our Treasury Vault Token which will be unique (more details below)
  • excellent value for holders in the form of clear ROI and the ability to spend that value in their everyday lives (ie bills) and in their professional capacity.

Treasury Vault Token: offers the ability to worthy web3 projects to secure their treasuries in real-world assets without the need and the tremendous risk of arbitrage or speculation (ie the need to invest the treasury into the market for yield - like 3AC and Celsius)
Instead, the EDVTs can offer today a yield of 3%-5% depending on the lock time (6-12-18 months) all covered by 110% collateral which is legal, onchain and real at the same time.

I do not want to expand too much and overwhelm you with details. In the migration we propose, VF will be part of a large financial ecosystem (probably with its own L1 blockchain v soon) and different types of embedded services (payments, deposits, lending, financing). It will have a hybrid stablecoin ( that combines the best of both worlds: web3 and industry 5.0 with the real economy and its assets.

I can expand on each issue separately, but the idea is that we can start today, as time is of the essence and the crypto space is currently on its way to imploding through regulation and more USDT/celsius/3AC failures coming to light.

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I’m trying to understand what you actually propose, but I still don’t understand, neither by your proposal nor by your website. The proposal is not concrete enough.

Can you summarize what the partnership would practically mean in a couple of bullit points?

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Our proposal is this:

  1. Merge VF into our Omikron Financial Ecosystem as the dedicated Exchange for the types of assets we will be offering (non-speculative) with ready-to-onboard tokens, transactions that are based on real assets and real-world transactions (amounts mentioned previously)
  2. List the new Treasury Vault Token we are launching as the major deposit/staking/risk management asset for crypto issuers, major crypto holders for onboarding capital - comparable to the mStable Save Vault for stablecoins - but with superior returns (4%-5%) and far superior, real economy collateral.
    The transition process can be discussed, but the main point is that your current holders will not lose their investment. On the contrary, they will have the opportunity to participate in a much larger business model.

As you probably know, Voltage finance is built by the Fuse team as main DEX for the Fuse blockchain. Therefor, Voltage will always be connected to the Fuse network (L1 blockchain) and be the main exchange for the tokens offered on the Fuse network.

In that light, how do you see a merge into another ecosystem? Are you suggesting for Voltage finance to also deploy on your blockchain and going multi-chain? Or are you suggesting to deploy your projects on the Fuse blockchain?


Very good point - this is the first step of a wider conversation we have been having with the gentlemen at Fuse (Carl and Daniil) regarding the integration of the Fuse blockchain as our Ecosystem blockchain layer.
Before that is decided, we can deploy the migrated VF (with the new business model and offerings) to other EVM chains or Cosmos.

I am guessing that our proposal is not of interest-so we are withdrawing it altogether.
Thank you for your remarks and questions.

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@pthymian there is interest i think ser, but also after reading through your proposal, and reading through the web site, i don’t see what you guys do. the idea of a stable coin partially backed by real world assets sounds interesting… maybe spend some time explaining a bit more about the dynamics and mechanics behind you project.
also understand what you are asking, is like asking pancake swap on bsc, or quickswap on poly , to completely merge with another unknown project. unless i am not understanding what you are asking for

Not necessarily, we’d have to discuss it internally before i come back with team feedback. The last couple of days we had our focus on the new Volt app, that’s why no official response has been given (yet).