What assets would you like to see on Voltage?

The title says it all, what assets would you like to see on Voltage?
If possible, elaborate why you think having them would be benefitial to both the community and Voltage Finance.
Note: more degen/less bluechip assets are also welcome :slight_smile:


personally, i would like to see FTM, AVAX, XTZ ,and UMEE (this is alpha, umee is creating a bridge on cosmos? be great to get them to integrate with fuse as soon as they go live What is Umee? - Umee)


Firstly, I think $avax,$ftm and $one should be in first line on implementing to attract more farmer.
Secondly, big dex’s tokens like $boo, $joe, jewel should be considered as well after that.

By the time, I believe more new protocols would be builded on Fuse already so we’re going to just add our favours Fuse eco’s protocols :slight_smile:


I like the Jewel suggestion in particular. Smart pick. :slight_smile:

What about SOMM or GRAVITY BRIDGE?? What makes you think Umee will come out on top? Lots of other chains on the tendermintSDK doing this

GNOSIS and DAI … no secret FUSE needs a multi sig liquidity locker … and I also believe their GNOSIS chain (formerly xDAI) will attract a lot of people soon more interested in a stable utility coin chain … might be worth it to be able to seamlessly transition between there in FUSE by adding both GNO and DAI/xDAI to FUSE network


most of the comments are pretty much centered around popular tokens on other networks.

The best question for us to answer this would be to ask “what will have the biggest impact on the Fuse ecosystem by listing this”

Some of the easy answers would be something like LINK, but we dont have Chainlink oracles right now… so what’s the point?

One thing we do have is POKT. We’re the 2-3rd largest POKT user by relays. We definitely should support wPOKT on Fuse.

Additionally, we should get MAI/QI on Fuse asap.


I don’t see a bad thing there. People are holding bags of FTM, Avax, One, Near and would like to have them all in one place, on one chain - preferably. More so if there are good farming opportunities.

I’m curious on how big of an impact (and in what terms apart from a stronger partnership) the ecosystem would have if there was support for LINK and POKT?

As for QI - not just the token, but rather mai.finance, i absolutely agree.
Tho from what i see their praxis is, it would take quite some time before we have it with all (or most) of its features. I was in mai.finance on early Poly and i enjoyed using it, so the vibes are still very positive. :slight_smile:

$MAL from Moon Ape Labs. Already have a few partnerships with Fuse/Volt and Fuse projects - just need to talk to them and get it over here. At the moment they are using Eth for their blockchain txs which does limit the tx volume and potential for micropayments in games etc.

Bringing some assets and gameplay to Fuse will help MAL and also bring a cool game to Fuse/Volt


Agree - large partner tokens should be on Voltage/Fuse by default. POKT being a no brainer when it’s available (I’m not sure it’s status atm - don’t think it’s openly tradable yet)

I would start adding other main EVM coins such as AVAX, MATIC, FTM, xDAI, etc. And integrate these into the Voltage bridge, this will add functionality and easy onboarding for new users in the Fuse chain.

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