Replace FUSE rewards on Ola.FInance with VOLT

Currently Ola.Finance is apart of the Rainmaker program for FUSE incentives. 150k FUSE is provided as rewards for a defined time period.

In order to end the sell pressure on FUSE and increase VOLT ownership, Ola should stop providing FUSE rewards.


  1. Replace FUSE rewards with VOLT on Ola.Finance
  2. Do nothing.
  • Replace FUSE rewards with VOLT on Ola.Finance
  • Do Nothing

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the current rainmaker program would have to end for this to happen, but once the fuse that has been delegated for this has been exhausted, something like this should definitely be considered in my opinion

Agree that all farming/staking etc rewards on voltage should be in Volt token. It’s a separate project and should be rewarding participants in it’s own token.

Ola has said something to the effect that they will be offering a token, but it remains to be seen if they actually will.

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