Scheduled expiring of farms

What may needed is scheduled expiring of farms where they can’t just get the farms to expire abruptly but rather have scheduled so people can see the notice on time and take action on it.

I am not sure how it work on the platform’s end but i think this will help users carefully plan with the timing left before the expiration of the farm thats set to expire so they have time to withdraw their lp tokens and invest it elsewhere as they need.

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Hey, farms dont expire, the team decides which farms to end or to keep based on community sentiment and staked liquidity.

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As Tomas already mentioned, there’s no expiration date for farms, so there’s no need for a disclaimer.

Farms are being handled manually by the devteam. If the community decides to not support a farm anymore, a Forum proposal can be put up in place and, depending on community votes, we would either remove the farm, or keep it.