VIP-8: Add Logo and Whitelist Coineus in Default Swap List

Coineus is requesting their logo to be added to Voltage Finance DEX. In addition, being added to the default swap list.

Having our logo on the DEX provides a better user experience and assurance they are swapping for the correct token. Being on the default swap list also allows for swapping in the app.

6 Likes is a very good addition to the fuse ecosystem in my opinion .
We are a small group of like minded people, but we are crypto battle hardened in the former SmartDeFi ecosystem developed by FEG team.
Our dev CoineusJoshua won our trust and respect months ago.
He saved and redeployed this project by himself and we are all relying on each other to see this token succeed.


I would support this idea, Coineus seems to be a solid project, with a dedicated community, and a very capable team. Coineus Project has started a validator on fuse network as can be seen on It was funded with community investment into the Project, quickly collecting 100k fuse in a matter of hours. Since then delegation has increased to over 300k fuse. As far as i can see they are bringing new eyes to Fuse Network and growing our user base. They appear to have ties to both BSC and AVAX chains. These ties to other chains, bring investors and their liquidity.
They have a very active TG group Telegram: Contact @coineuschat and Twitter account

  • What assurances can you give us that you are here to stay on fuse?
  • Is your liquidity for Coineus (CNS) token locked?
  • How much liquidity is there currently on Voltage?
  • How much volume are you seeing on average per day? per week? per month?
  • How many wallets currently hold CNS ?
    Your project has grown substantially since first launching CNS.
  • Can you give a detailed description of you project currently?
  • As well as plans for the future?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

@Elvis.Voltage @ what are your thoughts on this?


I personally see nothing wrong with this project.
The dapp itself is just a frontend to the staking page. Liquidity is locked (proof sent in main tg), team and community are active and present.
Will put up a snapshot vote and let the community decide.

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Sanpshot vote has been created: Snapshot

CNS is a solid project with a great community and a dev dedicated on it. Only a month old and already the dapp keep getting better and better. Updates are coming all the time and they will never stop. Building constantly is what they do, Our project launched through coineus launchpad without any issue. I see no reason why not to add them on the default swap list

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