WhiteList all Coineus ecosystem tokens

Coineus Project: A thriving ecosystem on Fuse Network

About Coineus

Coineus is the merging of the projects Divvy and Lava (from BSC) into the Coineus Project. (fuse network)The original token of Coineus from the start was $CNS, which on february 25th 2023 migrated to $CEUS.
$CEUS is a value token on the Fuse Blockchain. It’s the center of the Coineus Project.
Coineus is a robust community of dedicated like-minded people whom are enthusiastic about Fuse Network and crypto in general.
you can explore more about the project here:

@COINEUSjoshua, the mind and dev behind Coineus project has built and continually developed Coineus. A user-friendly gateway into crypto built on Fuse Network

Project holdings can be seen here:

Since $CEUS is currently Whitelisted on Voltage Dex, i am proposing that all other Coineus ecosystem tokens be added as well, along with all future tokens launched under the Coineus umbrella. Currently there are 2 more tokens that should immediately considered for WhiteListing :slightly_smiling_face: :

  • $LIT

$LIT Token (Lightning)
The Lightning Token has been specifically designed for use within Lightning Strikes. The Lightning Token will be used to purchase tickets and participate in various gaming activities.

With Lightning Token, fans can enjoy Lightning Strikes without the need for traditional payment methods, such as credit cards or bank transfers. As the Lightning Strikes continues to grow, the Lightning Token is poised to become a popular trading token.

Here’s a list of the tokenomics of the Lightning Token (LIT):

  • Total Supply: 10 million tokens
  • Blockchain: FUSE
  • Token Symbol: LIT
  • Token Name: Lightning Token
  • Decimals: 18
  • Scarcity: No additional tokens to be minted, ensuring scarcity and value appreciation over time
  • Deflationary: 10% of all tokens used to participate in the Lightning Games are burned.
  • Use Case: Primary means of exchange in various lightning games
  • Transaction Fees: 0%
  • Contract: 0xF2C6C1AA2bf8ec40F564Ea8A483F64907ea37A3F

currently $lit has 2 LPs on voltage dex

Current utility for Lit is use in the:

$FVKSRG Token ( Fates Violent Kiss Sends Reaper Grim)
The Grim Reaper Token is a unique cryptocurrency project that incorporates the symbolism of the Grim Reaper, representing the concept of mortality and the inevitability of death. In this project, a 10% tax is applied to every transaction made with the token. This tax serves as a mechanism to send a portion of the tokens to their “death,” meaning they are permanently removed from circulation.

By implementing this tax, the Grim Reaper Token aims to create a deflationary ecosystem, where the token supply gradually decreases over time. This reduction in supply can potentially increase the scarcity and value of the remaining tokens held by investors.

  • Total Supply: 1000 tokens
  • Blockchain: FUSE
  • Token Symbol: FVKSRG
  • Token Name: Fates Violent Kiss Sends Reaper Grim
  • Decimals: 18
  • Scarcity: No additional tokens to be minted, ensuring scarcity and value appreciation over time
  • Deflationary: 10% of all tokens bought and sold are burned.
  • Use Case: Hodl , only 1000 will ever exist, quickly diminishing supply
  • Transaction Fees: 10%buy 10%sell
  • Contract: 0xa28a758619ba32B11F8D55eB6C0E1C7E5929bF61

currently $FVKSRG has 2 LPs on voltage dex

In Conclusion
i would propose that @COINEUSjoshua and Coineus project have shown their trustworthiness , and should have all Coineus tokens WhiteListed on Voltage DEX


Nice work! Thanks for putting so much work into this :heart:


It’s nice to see such a trustworthy member of fuse community put in a good word for Coineus in here
Having LIT and FVKSRG whitelisted in voltage dex will mean a lot to us


Well done for the extensive post.

Very positive about Coineus and the whole ecosystem.

Excited for the future.



Nice article. Thank you bro


welcome to the voltage forum :star_struck:
let this be the place to discuss any and all frustrations
and or positive experiences while using voltage.
things can only get better with community feedback.
@CoffeeBrewerX @Inkd


Fantastic initiative, this has my full support. Coineus brings a lot of exciting DeFi utilities for daily use on Fuse network. This project brings more users to Fuse with its simple to use all-in-one D’app and we can all agree more people need to discover Fuse and create a thriving community.

By supporting hard working developers like those in the Coineus ecosystem, Voltage team can prove they are ready to welcome and support new projects interested in Fuse network. Let’s grow together!


well said ser :star_struck:
thanks for the feedback.

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if anyone is interested in learning more the coineus community can be reached directly at:

team is very transparent and will answer any questions you might have beyond what this thread provides.
but i will do my best to answer any and all questions here


It would make sense since the eco system is doing so much and putting in so much effort to help grow the fuse eco system


Very interesting article :+1:


Great article. Thanks for the info and i look forward to seeing great things happening in the Coineus eco system in the coming months.


Coineus and the whole ecosystem are doing an amazing work, glad to see honest devs working hard
getting LIT and FVKSRG and the whole ecosystem whitelisted would be an amazing sight to see!


Well and extensive written post by the great Pengu. Very thankfull for it!

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Couldn’t agree more!

For any newcomers, feel free to ask any questions about Coineus and the whole ecosystem.

Always happy to answer and help!


Thank you for posting your proposal on the Voltage Forum. We’re delighted to hear about your interest in expanding the Coineus ecosystem’s presence on Voltage DEX.

We agree to whitelist tokens from the Coineus ecosystem. Your proposal for $LIT and $FVKSRG to be considered for whitelisting aligns with our commitment to fostering a diverse and robust trading environment on Voltage DEX.

The details you’ve provided for both $LIT and $FVKSRG, including their tokenomics, use cases, and current liquidity pools, are greatly appreciated and provide a solid foundation for our assessment.

To move forward with the whitelisting process, the requirements are as follows:

  1. Open a Pool on Voltage for each of the proposed tokens on Voltage DEX.
  2. Each new pool should be seeded with a minimum of 10k worth of WFUSE and 10k worth of the respective proposed tokens ($LIT and $FVKSRG).

We look forward to seeing the Coineus ecosystem grow alongside Voltage DEX!

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Hello @Luka-VoltageFinance, regarding the 10k wfuse requirement.

Both projects have a minimum of 10k wfuse in the LP, these can be seen in the links @SupportiveWolf provided.

Also to add to the LIT utilities.
LIT is also used to pay out rewards in the LP farms provided by Coineus.
Persons also need to hold 4250 LIT to use the coineus faucet.


I think it’s sensible that tokens require a certain amount of liquidity to be whitelisted, as whitelisting shows a level of endorsement from the Voltage team.

@Luka-VoltageFinance - For smaller projects that can’t meet the whitelisting liquidity requirements, I’m assuming the proposed Voltage Pro Mode will feature all tokens on Fuse, and therefore there shouldn’t be any restrictions on users access to them, or for projects to use Voltage’s DeFi features?

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Great news! @SIKKcrypto @SupportiveWolf

We’re happy to share that $LIT and $FVKSRG will be whitelisted on the Voltage Dapp by the end of this week. They will also be integrated into our token swap list.

To expedite this process, please contribute the tokens specific details to our GitHub repository. This will assist in ensuring a smooth and swift addition to our platform.

To the projects that have already reached out for whitelisting, please follow a similar process as outlined previously, and we will be glad to consider adding it to our platform. (@CoffeeBrewerX)

@fuseprime Regarding your inquiry about Voltage Pro and its features, I am unable to comment on that at the moment.