Voltage Trooperz NFT - Utility

Voltage Trooperz should be the premium founder level NFT on Voltage.

They should offer holders high value benefits, and therefore establish their place as a high value NFT, and showcase NFT utility on a DeFi platform.

Some ideas for utility are:

  1. Reduced bridge out fees for holders. Instead of 0.5% a 0.1% fee for Volt, Fuse and USDC.
  2. Increased voltage rewards in Farms - e.g. +2%APR Volt rewards on 3-5 specific farms voted on by holders - these would be farms only NFT holders could enter.
  3. Ecosystem/Airdrop rewards the same as 6 month staking.
  4. Specific telegram group for holders.

With only 100 nfts the costs of these utilities will be small overall, but convey worthwhile benefits to holders, thus securing the NFTs as premium products in the ecosystem.


Thanks again for the suggestions!

We have even better in store :wink:

Stay tuned for next week for the reveal of one of the new layers of utility we will add to the Voltage Trooperz collection.

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