Voltage Trooperz NFT - Min $100 stake/LP provision for Social Media Engagement entries.

Voltage Trooperz NFT should be the premium ‘founder’ level NFT collection on Voltage.

It should have high value, high utility and high desirability. It should be the beacon/hero NFT to showcase NFT utility within a defi product.

50% of the NFTs are for sale at ~$100. The other 50 are either given to team/ community members, or (the majority) as rewards for ‘social media engagement’.

I think it’s acceptable to give one to a few valued team/community members.

However, social media engagement campaigns are mainly entered by spammers and general airdrop hunters who have no interest in Voltage and just want the rewards - they will likely dump the NFTs as soon as they get them.

These campaigns do little to nothing to engage new Voltage users, increase TVL and build value into the ecosystem.

Giving away NFTs to spammers significantly damages the value of the NFTs, doesn’t build the Voltage brand or community and completely erodes the teams desire to build utility into the them - why give spammers a NFT that has loads of nice utility?

Whilst the social engagement campaign does require some LP and staking provision, there is no minimum value and so will be the lowest the spammer can get away with.

Be specifying a $100 minimum stake/LP provision the spammers will be filtered, dedicated community members engaged, TVL increased and the value of the NFTs protected.

The easiest way to do this is set a qualifying bar of staking $100 Volt for at least 1 month (the minimum) and reduce the NFTs available for winning to 20.

Such a move would establish the Trooperz brand, it’s value and profile in the Voltage community.

Without it I think the Trooperz NFTs will be irrevocably tarnished. It’s highly unlikely anyone will buy one when 50 are being given to spammers.


Hello and thank you for your insightful suggestions.

We’re thrilled to hear your thoughts about the potential of the Voltage Trooperz NFTs. Indeed, these NFTs should stand as the premium ‘founder’ level collection on Voltage, serving as the beacon of NFT utility within our DeFi product.

The idea of setting a qualifying bar of staking $100 Volt for at least one month is an exciting one. This could contribute to fostering a vibrant and dedicated community, while simultaneously reinforcing the value of our NFTs. Your perspective aligns wonderfully with our vision for the future of Voltage.

Now, for the exciting news: our team has been hard at work developing new layers of utility for the Voltage Trooperz NFTs. We believe these enhancements will significantly increase their value and desirability, adding a whole new dimension to our offering. So your suggestion to elevate the status of these NFTs makes even more sense considering the exciting things we have planned for the near future.

As we prepare for this next stage, we want to assure you that the integrity of the Voltage Trooperz NFTs and the experience of our community members remain at the forefront of our considerations.

We appreciate the diversity of our community and would love to hear your thoughts on these exciting developments. If there’s a consensus in favor of these proposals, we are fully prepared to modify our strategies to best serve the interests of the community and the value of the Voltage Trooperz NFTs.

Thank you again for being such an engaged member of our community.

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