Idea Bounty, Similar to Bug Bounty

This is a proposal to help encourage voltage users to get involved with the creation and implementation of new ideas with-in the Voltage ecosystem.

Create a reward system for ideas put forward by Voltage community and used by Voltage team

2 minds are better than one, on all accounts. A Reward System would encourage people with ideas to come forth with those ideas, helping voltage to continue it’s innovative edge in the DeFi space. Often people have a very good understanding of the various intricacies of Decentralized Finance but have no practical ways to put those ideas into action, due to a lack of ability to code.

A Community that feels appreciated by the team, is a community that stays involved,
and stays around for the next development to come. An Idea Bounty, would encourage Voltage users to think beyond the basics of DeFi and help move Voltage Finance in the future ahead of the eminent mass adoption of the next 1Billion Crypto users .

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A reccuring monthly bounty could be awesome for engagement with the community. I propose the following as a starting point:

Every month for the next 12 months (starting at some month to be decided) 1 Million VOLT each month should be given to the top 3 ideas, as voted on by VOLT holders

Top Idea: 500,000 VOLT
2nd place: 300,000 VOLT
3rd place: 200,000 VOLT

At current prices this is only about $200 USD each month. Identifying which ideas the community supports and stimulating discussion is surely worth $200 a month to the development team


i like the idea, can you specify better how would you implement it?

Will the team decide on who is the winner?